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                                                                                Welcome to Working Memory Australia!

WMA is a network of experienced professional coaches working with  Solstice -Mind Matters-Australia's first and oldest Cogmed Qualified Practice.

We have introduced   Cogmed Working Memory Training to Australia in 2008 and enthusiastically promoted working memory training nationally and internationally. We have gained a lot of knowledge in the scientific and clinical aspects of working memory and its importance as a core cognitive function that determines ability to pay attention, learn, plan and execute actions, follow directions, be productive and organised at work and in personal life. Working Memory deficits leads to life long issues.

History: Solstice-Mind Matters as a Psychology  practice has been established for more than 19 years! We started as a Professional Counselling and Psychology Centre and gradually grew to incorporate  Brain Health services as an important component of caring for mental health and  wellbeing . We have  developed a proud tradition of outstanding customer service and innovation in bringing advances of Neuroscience into clinical practice. We have established a state-of-art brain diagnostic facility in Australia with a comprehensive assessment of Brain function and Cognition. Please visit for more information on our services

Our Vision:

We are working to make Cogmed Working Memory Training Program available to all Australians who need to improve their working memory, brain health and performance.We welcome health practitioners, corporations, Government agencies, educational institutions and members of the public to help us to achieve this goal.

Our experience so far in using Cogmed Working Memory Training  with our clients is above our expectations and we recommend it for a range of conditions where working memory is affected including ADHD, Brain Injury, PTSD,  Stroke, normal ageing and other conditions.

For more information about the program and the role of working memory please visit  Cogmed Pearson website:

Solstice-Mind Matters Ph (07) 5599 2220
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